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The Tellurian Republic (sometimes called Venus Clan). The short and dirty summary goes here.



Tellus, the base word of Tellurian, is the Latin common word for "land, territory, and earth". Tellus is also another name for Terra, the original ancient Roman goddess of the earth. Telluria is the casual name for the nation.

Governance and Politics

The Tellurian Republic is a Democratic Republic. The current leader is Umbra_Clan, the "Iron Man".



The Great Banana Plague

"These measures may seem strict, but I prefer to be safe than sorry. I cannot risk the lives of our youth to this disease, not can I not search for a cure to help our allies in Draconis. Jon bless us all." - Patsy Dragon

Geography and Environments

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Drainage Basin

The Indra Region holds a huge drainage basin that flows from the mountains to the sea and the Eastern Ocean. Nutrients, sediment, and pollutants are carried by the water to be collected at the many outlets of the basin. The multiple rivers in this basin have been used for fishing and transportation.

Cythera Island

Cythera has a more tropical climate and geography than the rest of Telluria. It lies on the tip of the Indra/Oceania peninsula, and is a province of Telluria. The main means of transportation is naval travel, and the island is home to several ports. It has one main city, but there are several smaller villages. Cythera is an important part of Telluria's overseas trade routes.

Waelda Glades

The Waelda Glades is a holy sanctuary and a national preservation. It does not fall under the governance of Telluria. It can be considered something like a city-state, but the Waelda are not affected by human laws, nor do they apply their law in Tellurian matters. A small number of Waelda currently live there, but all of them are long-lived.

The Waelda were originally from the Kolima Forest, where famous Waelda such as Tret and Laurel lived. One of the descendents of the Warriors of Vale brought the Waelda to a new land, now in Tellurian territory, in order to preserve their species from destruction.


Verdure is a small settlement nearby the Waelda Glades where pilgrims can rest while on their spiritual journey. Guardians of this settlement repel trouble with their Venusian Psynergy.



Agriculture in Telluria has historically been significant, and is still a vital part of the country's economy and social framework. Most of the country's economic sector has people who work in agriculture. Telluria is a major producer and exporter of such goods. Fish and timber are also resources, but the timber industry has been hard-hit lately.

Currently, Telluria's major agricultural products are rice, wheat, millet, major spices, fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, sugarcane, poultry, various meats, wool, and several varieties of nuts. Some emus are raised for their meat, leather, and oil.

Science and Technology

Telluria has been an early pioneer in developing gunpowder for rocketry purposes. A mysterious influence has been working throughout history to bring the government’s attention to scientific advances in propulsion, leading to the current program. At present, ballistics are being developed primarily for prototype weapons, but there are long-term plans to develop rockets for manned flight purposes.

People and Society