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World 3: The Samudran kingdom has been reduced to a single settlement after the Golden Apocalypse. A place of refuge for survivors, Xeomar is a small settlement on the northeastern peninsula of the Weyardian supercontinent, close to where Imil once stood. Its residents hail primarily from Imil (~50%), Lemuria (~25%), and to a lesser extent Bilibin (15%) and Kolima (10%).



Xeomar translates literally to "ice sea" in Galician. The word is a reference to the cold, unforgiving climate in this northern survivor settlement, along with the town's proximity to the sea and its peoples' close affiliation with water.


Imil during the Golden Apocalypse

As a result of the Golden Apocalypse, the Mercury lighthouse was brought crashing into the ground, unleashing the tremendous amounts of Hermes Water stored within. The sudden burst of energy wiped out nearly the entire population of nearby Imil, meanwhile turning the few surviving inepts into Mercury Adepts. Those who previously possessed Mercury abilities now gained additional Venus or Jupiter abilities. Although many attempts were made by the new Adepts to revive their fallen peers, unfortunately the dead bodies had been corrupted by Alchemy to the extent that they could no longer be revived.

As the sea levels started to rise, the people realised that they needed to find higher ground and escape the rising sea. Using their new powers, they quickly made flasks and bottles to carry the Hermes Water, as well as to temporarily halt the flooding, giving them just enough time to transport themselves and the bodies of their loved ones to safety. Finally, after having found higher ground in the Bilibin Mountains, they teamed up with newly arrived Lemurian survivors to establish the first settlement at Xeomar.

Lemuria during the Golden Apocalypse

A large portion of the population in Lemuria actually managed to survive the initial blast of energy emanating from the Golden Sun, thanks to their Adept powers and the mists shrouding their city. Unfortunately, for many in Lemuria it was not the Golden Sun that killed them, but rather the city's physical structures. Both King Hydros and Conserverto died due to the rubble burying them alive. At this point, the people of Lemuria knew it was only a matter of time before Poseidon re-awakened and sank Lemuria under the sea. With an unrivaled sense of urgency, the Lemurians grabbed various belongings--including the ancient recipe for producing the Mystic Draught--and loaded their ships to flee the city. Unfortunately, by the time they reached the entrance to the Sea of Time, Poseidon had already awakened. He proceeded to destroy over half the fleet, sweeping the rest of the population away and leaving only two ships intact.

Having barely made it out alive, the few surviving Lemurians subsequently set their course up north, to the fabled area of Mercury affinity mentioned time and time again in their books: Imil. A long, grueling journey on the sea left them tired and weak, but after several weeks, they finally arrived at their destination. Now they live with the people of Imil and a handful of straggling survivors from Bilibin and Kolima, sharing their progressive technologies with these other groups who once seemed so far removed. The people of Lemuria continue to view the outside world very critically, but they have shown some signs of cooperation in their crucial battle for survival. Most Lemurians have continued to age quite slowly in the 9 months since their flight, but eventually they will start to age more. In any case, a return home will never be possible for them; Lemuria has been lost forever to the sea, destroyed by a monstrous Poseidon who still guards it to this day.

Geography and Environments

Xeomar is located on the northeastern peninsula of the Weyardian supercontinent, close to where Imil once stood. The terrain in and around Xeomar is mostly rugged and mountainous. Although not ideal for matters of construction and agriculture, the higher elevation has provided the residents of Xeomar with much-needed relief from the deadly flooding that has swept through Imil following the Golden Sun event. Throughout most of the year, a thin layer of snow and ice covers the rocky ground, making the terrain especially dangerous to traverse without the help of special boots.

As the flood waters have begun to recede in the months following the Golden Sun event, the people of Xeomar have started to expand outward in search of more arable lands—and possibly more survivors. They first focus their energies eastward, towards the shores of the Great Eastern Sea.


Power structure

Xeomar has adopted the same government structure previously found in Lemuria. Sitting atop of the social hierarchy is King Lunpa, who has been deemed the most suitable ruler due to his previous leadership experience and his familiarity with both Lemuria and the outside world. Although recognized as a competent leader by most, Lunpa nonetheless faces resistance from those hailing from Imil, who disagree with a member of the minority ruling over the majority. Meanwhile, the main decision-making body of Xeomar is the Senate, which consists of six members: 2 from Imil, 2 from Lemuria, 1 from Bilibin, and 1 from Kolima. The main responsibilities of this congress currently include solving small disputes between the various groups, drafting a constitution for the town, and distributing food and other resources among the survivors.

Judicial system

If a crime is committed, then it is up to the Senate to determine a suitable punishment. The crime rate in Xeomar is low, as inhabitants have generally cooperated to increase their chances of survival. However, when someone has acted in the past to jeopardize the health and safety of the other inhabitants, the Senate has not hesitated to throw the perpetrator out.


Due to the Golden Apocalypse, issues related to the military are not of concern to the people of Xeomar right now. Given their newfound powers, the people of Xeomar feel confident in their ability to defend their land; however, they have no intentions of invading another territory until they have secured enough food and resources for their own at home.



People and Society


Despite the diversity of backgrounds represented in Xeomar, there is one thing that most survivors here have in common: given the devastating impacts of the Golden Sun event on the physical structures and populations of Weyard, they agree that Alchemy is something terrible that should be avoided as much as possible. As such, it is generally frowned upon to use Psynergy except for purposes of healing.

However, there does exist a small pocket of people, mostly adventure-seeking types and science-obsessed Lemurians, who wish to continue using Psynergy. Marveled by how it works, and recognizing its potential to help people, they continue to practice Psynergy secretly in the mountains, hoping to discover something truly out-of-this-world.


Although most survivors previously identified as religious, many are now abandoning their faith to become atheists. Most Lemurians feel betrayed by their deity, Poseidon, who was the cause of many deaths following the Golden Sun event. For the people of Imil, the role of Mercury lighthouse--their main place of worship--in the flooding that devastated their village represents an irredeemable reality.

Even so, the people of Xeomar have developed elaborate burial customs to assist their fallen neighbours in transitioning to the afterlife. These customs involve burying the bodies of the deceased in graves carved into the mountainside. Each grave is guarded by a statue (similar to those found in Mercury Lighthouse) to ensure safe passage of the person's soul to the afterlife. Furthermore, inside each grave is placed a small bowl of Hermes Water, symbolizing good health in the afterlife.