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Bloody Fangs

This mercenary guild, infamous for illegal activity, was disbanded after its founder, Jigoku Rei, joined the government of the Draconian Federation.

Member List

  • Jigoku Rei (founder)
  • Delilah Menacia (Second-in-command)
  • Ignatius

Courageous Aura

Founded by Djinn Guardian, this guild for general assistance is based in a forest, but has various locations throughout the world. Above the door to each guild hall is a sign proclaiming: "Biggest bunch of misfits you will ever find."

Member List

  • Djinn Guardian (founder)
  • WereWolf

Healing Touch

Founded by Patsy Dragon, this guild focused on healing magic is based in Telluria, but has locations throughout the world.

Member List

  • Patsy Dragon (founder)
  • Zack
  • Misery

Honorary Member List

  • Derek Stiles from the Trauma Center series
  • E.T. from that film

The League of Awesome

Founded by Alternate Dimension Catman, the League of Awesome is a bunch of awesome dudes roaming around the world causing chaos and winning fights. Advocates of anarchy. Legionnaires of martial arts domination.

Member List

Order of the Black Song

Founded by Rolina, who was the only member, this now-defunct guild was dedicated to mages specializing in offensive magic.

Member List

  • Rolina (founder)


T.A.N.K.S, an acronym for Technological and Artificial Neuronic Kinship Sovereignty, was founded by Robert Joe. It is a xenological guild focused on artificial intelligence and cyborg relations based in a small compound in the uninhabitable Lamakan Desert. It is currently the most populous guild on GSAR.

Something tells me that, as much as I would like it, we will not be able to be canon. Just saying.
-Robert Joe

Member List

  • Robert Joe (founder)
  • Umbra_Clan
  • Nyran
  • PenguinaLuna