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Expedition into the Mists is a GSAR forum RPG which is planned to run long-term. It is still currently very much in development. In order to participate, joining a forum Clan is highly recommended.

Chapter 1 Logo.




Rifts to a seemingly new world have appeared across the world, the largest of which opened up in the middle of the Refuge. In response, The United Refugian Army, a united force of members from all of the Clans of the Refuge, was formed. Their leader, the "Commander", was the first to venture into the Rift, and hasn't been seen since...

The world on the other side of the Rifts is covered in a dense mist. A number of ancient lighthouses have been found across the land - by lighting their beacons, the Mist can be pushed back, and the land revealed. Questions must be asked, however - who built these lighthouses in the first place? And where are the inhabitants of this world now? A darkness can be sensed in the mists...

Game Overview

The main current goal of the game is to explore the map by claiming Lighthouses for your clan. Lighthouses can be claimed through the use of Elemental Star Fragments. Players collect fragments to use for their clan, allocating fragments into any lighthouse they choose. The clan with the highest number of shards in a given lighthouse lights it for their element, clearing away more mist on the world map.

A list of FAQ can be found here.



For more information on Lighthouses, please see the Lighthouses page.

The Land of the Mists is is covered in ancient, dormant lighthouses. The identity of whoever built them remains a mystery, and they have fallen into disrepair. They can by lit by players throwing Elemental Star Fragments into the beacon. Once the lighthouse beacon reaches 100%, the clan who has contributed the highest number of Star Fragments will claim the lighthouse.

Claimed lighthouses will burn with the light of their respective Elemental Star, driving back the mists and revealing the surrounding area. Up to several locations in this area may be revealed.

Map Locations

For more information on Locations, please see the Locations page.

Aside from the Lighthouses, a number of other locations can be found and visited on the World Map. These can take many forms, including: towns, shops, minigames, and resource nodes.

Several hidden locations, not identified by an icon, may also be found across the map.

Player Characters

For more information on Characters, please see the Characters page.

Many of the planned Character features are still in development, however players can currently train Skills, which can provide various benefits.


For more information on Characters, please see the Minigames page.

Several minigames are currently implemented. Some, such as the Lucky Medal Fountain and Astral Chest require varying amounts of player interaction, while others such as the Wishing Well do not require any interaction at all.

Planned Features

To be updated.


Major chapters will be split up into smaller "events", or episodes. These are designed to run for up to a few weeks, and may introduce new mechanics, or affect the world in permanent ways.

Chapter 1

1.1: Incursion

Planned to start on December 31st, 2015