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This page outlines all of the Statistics/Parameters you will come across in the Expedition into the Mists game.




A "tick" refers to single cycle of the game world updater. Currently, a tick occurs roughly every 4 hours.


Many of the game functions run off a "daily" system, in which certain actions can only be performed a certain number of times a day. The system runs off UTC/GMT time.

Daily activities do not stack, eg. you can only claim a single Lucky Medal per day regardless of if you have missed a day.


Resources are several Clan parameters which are generated over time from Map Locations owned by a Clan. Resources are acquired every tick. Uses for these resources have yet to be implemented.

The Clan Stats page lists the number of resources each clan current has in their resource pool, and the number gained with each tick.

Astral Energy

Astral Energy Astral Energy is used in the production of Alchemy Machines, and is used by some items as 'ammunition'.

Building Resources

Building Resources Building Resources are required for the production of Alchemy Machines.


Power Power is required for the production of Alchemy Machines.


Food Each Resource Node requires a certain amount of food per tick in order to continue functioning. If a clan does not have enough Food to feed a node, the number of resources generated by that node will be severely reduced. This function has yet to be implemented.

Lighthouse Stats

Claimed Lighthouses possess several stats.


Clan Lighthouses can be upgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 3, each with its own unique map icon. Claimed lighthouses start at Tier 1. Each Tier upgrade will significantly improve the lighthouse's stats.

In order to upgrade the lighthouse, double the amount of fragments required for the previous Tier must be thrown into the beacon (ie. 300 to claim/T1, 600 to T2, 1200 to T3). Only members of the clan that controls the lighthouse may contribute fragments to the upgrade progress.


Attack The number of Offensive weapons that can be mounted to the lighthouse.


Food The number of Defensive shields & weapons that can be mounted to the lighthouse.