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Player Characters in Expedition into the Mists are currently quite limited, however many more features are planned for future development.



Players can train a range of skills for their characters.

Types of Skills

  • Character Skills - skills that directly affect the character
  • Alchemy - skills that affect the character's interaction with the Elements
  • Social Skills - skills that affect the character's interaction with NPCs and other players
  • Exploration Skills - skills that affect the character's interaction with the game world
  • Trade Skills - skills that affect the character in a financial way

Learning Skills

In order to learn a skill, you must first purchase the associated Skillbook. Skillbooks are sold by merchants across the map, and may be obtained in other ways in the future. Your first skills may be purchased from the "Tomes of Knowledge" store in New Refuge.

Once you have purchased a skillbook, you must open it in your inventory in order to learn the skill. It will start at Level 0 - you must train it to Level 1 before you will receive any benefits.

Training Skills

Skill training occurs passively over time. On the skills page, you may hover over a skill and click the "Train" button in order to start the training process. Once training has completed, the system will automatically finalise the training process for you after a few minutes. Alternatively, you can manually finalise the process by clicking the button.

You therefore do not have to be online when a skill finishes training to complete the process, however you cannot queue up skills to train, so you will have to manually start the training process again.

Skills can be trained multiple times, increasing their effect, up to a max Level of 5. You do not have to re-purchase the skillbook every level - once is enough.

You may pause training of one skill and start training another skill simply by clicking the "Train" button on another skill.

Skill Points

Each skill requires a certain number of skill points in order to be trained. You only generate skill points when you are actively training a skill. Your skill point rate, and thus the rate at which you learn skills, can currently only be increased by training the "Learning" skill.