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Several minigames are currently implemented in the Expedition into the Mists. Some require the player to complete a certain task, whilst others require minimal interaction.


Lucky Medal Fountain

The Lucky Medal Fountain is a minigame which awards players with an opportunity to earn coins, Lucky Medals, Elemental Star Fragments and Worthless Rocks, among other rarer items.

Lucky Medals

Lucky Medals can be acquired through several methods:

  • One medal can be claimed per day on the medal fountain page
  • Players will occasionally be awarded a random medal over time. A forum chatbar notification will be sent
  • Medals can be won from the fountain
  • Medals can be received from the Wishing Well

Game Instructions

The game is simple. You simply click the button to start, and wait until the coin stops spinning. You can press the "Spin" button up to two times to place a random force on the medal, spinning it in a random new direction. Once the coin has stopped spinning, click the "Proceed" button to receive your prize.

Worthless Rocks

A certain merchant may be able to offer you something in exchange for these rocks.

Astral Chest

The Astral Chest is a puzzle minigame that can be played up to 5 times per day.

Elemental Star Fragments are rewarded for opening the chest, scaled by the number of attempts made.

Game Instructions

The aim of the game is to successfully guess a sequence of 4 random letters from A-J.

Enter a single letter, between A - J (CASE SENSITIVE), by clicking on each of the 4 white discs. Each letter must be different. Then click 'Enter', following which two values will be displayed:

  • HIT = one of your guesses is the correct letter, and is in the correct position
  • BLOW = one of your letters is correct, but is in the wrong position

Using this information, you have a maximum of 12 attempts to guess the correct sequence of the correct 4 letters. You will be rewarded based on your number of attempts. The number sequence resets with each new game. Refreshing the page resets the game.

Astral Shard

The Astral Shard is a gambling minigame. Players may pay a Coin fee to gamble Elemental Star Fragments in an attempt to win more fragments. The higher the amount of fragments gambled, the greater the potential rewards.

Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is a mysterious well which will grant one wish per day. Players may wish for either Power, Luck or Wealth, and will be rewarded with a corresponding item/currency.