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Locations surrounding New Refuge.

The World Map in Expedition into the Mists is covered in various locations. Some are interactable, while some simply provide the clan that controls them with resources.


Location Types


Fortresses are basically mega lighthouses on steroids. You're going to want to find and claim these. Fortresses are currently not in the game, but are planned to be implemented in a future episode.

Interactable Locations

These locations contain elements that involve player interaction. This may be in the form of minigames or puzzles. Unless otherwise indicated, players from all clans will be able to interact with these locations.

Example: Wishing Well, Astral Shard


The Lighthouses are spread across the map, and are required in order to reveal surrounding locations.

Resource Nodes

Provides the controlling clan with an amount of a certain type of resource every tick. Some resource nodes only provide a single resource, while others may provide two, or even three, in varying amounts.

Examples: Redwood Forest, Meteoric Ore Deposit, Refuge Falls


Some map locations only contain a single shop where specific items may be purchased.

Example: Fisherman's Hut


Temples contain various claimable treasures, open to those who have the required skills. These skills are currently not in the game, but are planned to be implemented in a future Episode.

Example: Shattered Temple


Towns, such as the City of New Refuge, may contain a number of different interactable elements, including NPCs to talk to, shops, quest boards, and minigames/puzzles.

Hidden Locations

The map may contain a number of hidden locations which aren't identified by a map icon. They may be indicated graphically on the map itself in some way, however. These locations are all interactable.

Example: Meteor Crash Site