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Lighthouses are a vital aspect of map and game progression in Expedition into the Mists.


Dormant Lighthouses

Dormant Lighthouses can be lit by throwing a certain number of Elemental Star Fragments into the beacon. Fragments from all 4 Clans can be thrown in, but the resulting Elemental Star will be determined by the Clan that has contributed the highest number of fragments.

By visiting a Dormant Lighthouse on the map, you will be able to view a breakdown of how many fragments have been contributed by each clan, and a total percentage of lighthouse completion.

Lighting a lighthouse beacon will push back the mists surrounding that lighthouse, and will also reveal any Locations in the surrounding area. There are generally 1-3 locations associated with each lighthouse.

Surrounding Locations

Characters who have trained the Surveying Skill may view a list of up to 5 Map Locations (depending on their skill level, and the total number of locations) in the area surrounding a Dormant Lighthouse. The list is displayed on the Lighthouse page, and is limited to the location name and a vague description of what type of location it may be. Nonetheless, this information may prove invaluable in strategically determining which lighthouse to claim next.

Elemental Star Fragments

Elemental Star Fragments are, as their name suggests, fragments of Elemental Stars. By combining enough of these fragments in a lighthouse beacon, an Elemental Star will be formed, thus lighting that beacon.

These fragments therefore are a key element required for map, and therefore game, progression.

Obtaining Fragments

There are currently several methods of gaining star fragments:

More methods will be added to the game in the future.

Clan Lighthouses

Once a lighthouse has been lit, it will be converted to a Clan Lighthouse (eg. Mars Lighthouse #1).


Clan Lighthouses can be upgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 3. Claimed lighthouses start at Tier 1. Each Tier upgrade will significantly improve the lighthouse's stats.

In order to upgrade the lighthouse, double the amount of fragments required for the previous Tier must be thrown into the beacon (ie. 300 to claim/T1, 600 to T2, 1200 to T3). Only members of the clan that controls the lighthouse may contribute fragments to the upgrade progress.


The lighthouse's base Attack stat. Description to be updated.


The lighthouse's base Defense stat. Description to be updated.

Astral Energy Generation

The amount of Astral Energy generated by the lighthouse every tick.

"Stealing" Lighthouses

The game's first Episode, Incursion, is planned to introduce a method by which other clans may attempt to "steal" a lighthouse from another clan. More information will be revealed.