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Incursions occur when monsters attack a location in Expedition into the Mists.



An Incursion occurs when a wave of monsters attack a specific location, commonly a Resource Node (Lighthouses will come under attack in the near future). This location will be identified in a red box on the Forum Index Sidebar.

An Incursion will occur every hour, on the hour. Each Incursion will last for roughly 25 minutes, after which all remaining monsters will retreat, including those that players are currently fighting (the battle will count as a loss).

Battle System

The Incursion Battle System is currently in an early stage.

Phases & Targets

To attack a monster in battle, you must first pick a body part to target.

Each battle is structured around at least 4 phases of equal length, corresponding to the enemy's HP level. For example, a monster with 4 phases will transition between phases at the following HP levels: #1 - 100%, #2 - 75%, #3 - 50%, #4 - 25%.

During each Phase, one specific body part target will be weakened and will take extra damage from each attack, while hitting any of the other parts will result in decreased damage.

Each monster of the same type will have the same phases/weaknesses each battle.


Characters are restored to full health roughly every 2 hours, on the hour.

When in battle, you can also use Potions to restore health. Potions raise your character's Toxicity level, however.

If your character's health reaches 0, you will become too injured to continue to fight, and will be unable to participate in any more battles until the start of the next 2 hour cycle.


Toxicity is reduced by 50% (overall) roughly every 2 hours, on the hour.

Once your character's Toxicity level reaches 100%, you will be unable to use any more Potions.