Aeolian Empire

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The Aeolian Empire (sometimes called Jupiter Clan). The short and dirty summary goes here.



Governance and Politics

Capital: Whitewyvern

Current Leader: Merc

Former Leaders:

-Elemental Temple Era-

  • Drew
  • What-Icefox-Ajs
  • Kougra

-Restoration of GSAR-

  • Orange GSPerson
  • M@ni@c
  • Rolina

Government type: Meritocratic Empire

Legislative and judicial processes:



Winged boats, Riders and airborne infantry.


Riders ride flying creatures and and fight mostly with polearms and bows, with few using other forms of shorter-reach weapons (there are a few crazy Riders who use whips and the like to fight) (while riding that is). They wear medium armor which gives protection while still allowing for maneuverability and greater targeting ability within the saddle.

Airborne Infantry

Airborne infantry are normal ground soldiers who fight on ships, all wearing medium armor and wielding light to medium weapons (no heavy weapons as they would not work for those getting off the ship or for battling ship-to-ship). Airborne infantry can also be air-dropped, using ropes, to fight on the ground.


Not as good as the Tellurians' but still good.


It is good but not as good as the Samudran Kingdom’s.

Special Forces

Sky Captains

The Sky Captains are an elite group of Riders, ranked just below the Imperial Guardians. This group originated when the very first Sky Captain, whose name was Pendragon, tamed a powerful creature of the sky (the specific creature’s name was lost throughout time but it was a form of dragon), and taught others how to tame other creatures of the sky. It is a tradition amongst them to spend to spend a single night with the species of creature they wish to have as their companion. Almost all Sky Captains choose a wild creature to become their companion, only rarely choosing a tamed one. How many of them are Adepts: IDK. They can either be battlefield commanders, squadron leaders or ship captains. They also are more elite Riders. Not all Sky Captains have companions though that is because they lost them and they choose not to find another one because the bond that forms between a Sky Captain and his Companion is as close as the bond between family. As such they're still referred to as Sky Captains even when they no longer fight in the sky, out of respect for their sacrifice.

Imperial Guardians

They are the guards for the Emperor/Empress as well as elite infantry when required (basically one of them equals about 10 normal soldiers). One of them is worth 10 normal soldiers because that is how many people they can take down if necessary. They guard the royalty and the capital, and serve as an elite group of soldiers if required. One does not choose to become one, one is picked by their deeds and actions as well as who they are as a person. The people see them as a beacon of hope because they are like Tempest Lizards, deemed unkillable. Corruption is always possible but they serve the Emperor like no other person serves them; they would rather die than betray their ruler. There are 4 high Imperial Guardians in charge of them all, and who participate in the choosing process. The Imperial Guardians are trained in the Imperial Guardians Academy, located in the capital city of Whitewyvern.


Contigo: One of the oldest cities in the world, and one of the only ones that can trace its heritage to before the Dawn Era. Because of this, the city has a wide variety of architectural styles dating from several different eras, with old buildings being rebuilt in the old style to try and keep their history alive.

Nyci: Often considered the most modernized city in the Empire. This city is a major trading hub for the Empire, and is home to the World Square, where the Foreign Embassies are located. It is located in northeastern Hesperia.

Lorias: A venice esc city that is located on the opposite side of where Rei’s last point on his suggest trade route within the AE. A bustling port city and shipyard.

Horizon: City of the Sky. It is the training area for all Riders and Sky Captains as well as their HQ. It is located in the Cloudbreak mountain range (the crescent moon-shaped one near the big lake).


Geography and Environments

The Aeolian Empire

Natural Resources

Zol (and a metric ton of it)

Notable Locations

  • Trial Road
  • Jupiter Lighthouse
  • Anemos Sanctum



Historically, the way the Aeolian Empire has prospered economically is through industry and manufacturing. This has led to the Empire being arguably the most technologically advanced nation in Weyard. Pioneers in flight technology, manufacturing equipment, and far more have traditionally been Aeolian, and the majority of mass-produced goods in Weyard were designed, engineered, and produced in Aeolia.

However, due to the mountainous geography and lack of good farming land, the Empire lacks the ability to produce sufficient food for its people. As a result, the Empire is dependent on other nations of the world to keep its people fed, and has historically striven to maintain amicable relations, both economically and politically, with those other nations.


Winged Ships, soarwings, solar sailers (unique-looking surfboard, various types), flying mounts and land mounts (mountain goats big enough to ride is an example), and wagons where possible.

Flag of the Aeolian Empire

People and Society


Purple (Knowledge)

Light green (Wisdom)

White (Reason)

Heliotrope (Unity of the Three)


In all mountainous regions, the buildings are similar to Tibetan architecture and specific buildings can only be reached by Jupiter Adepts using wind on the zol pathways. In other areas it is a mix of all Native American architecture. They are older than the Empire itself.


  • Feather with wind and lightning coming off of it (Sky Captain)
  • Bird wing and bat wing in a yin yang style thing (Air force)
  • Crossed spear, staff and bow with a shield in the center (Army)
  • A Storm Lizard holding a Spear and a set of scales with a book and a shield on it (Imperial Guardians)
  • A ship wheel will with Lightning bolts as the spokes (Navy)
  • National Animal: Storm Lizard
  • National Bird: Hummingbird
  • National Flower: Iris
  • National Fish: Manta Ray


The Empire is also known for their more orchestral tastes in music. When listening to their music it either is a smooth and sweet melody, or a flowing, joyful dance. One may also hear more regal-sounding music at times. They prefer the stringed and woodwind instruments over brass and percussion. Music in Aeolia, however, is more a leisurely business. People play more for the experience rather than the money.


Races of all kinds ranging from soarwings, to creatures, to solar sailers like things (surf boards that are like those with the big old sails on them but they run on solar energy) and everything in between. (hey we are the AE so why not have a series of flying races)

Performing the Trial Road